Belén Crespo

I´m Belén Crespo, interior designer and Coccolarvi cofounder.

I did my fine arts degree at the same time as doing my interior deisgn studies.

I´ve always been clear that what I loved was creating, playing with colours, shapes and textures; I channel all these facets through design, both interior fornitures, architectural and so on…

The idea of starting Coccolarvi arose as a result of wanting to push the limits and break the rules, making each project unique with its own personal character.

José Alonso

I am José Alonso, an industrial designer and co-founder of “Coccolarvi”.

I started in this world when I felt the need to create, not only with computers.  I needed more dynamism and I really liked machines.

I studied industrial design specialized in furniture design, which perfectly combined the mix of computer with physical creation.

In each project a new challenge is generated to overcome, which is motivating and I am constantly evolving both professionally and in terms of equipment in the workshop, since we are continuously improve machinery and with it, I have the perfect excuse to acquire the best machinery in the market.

What does not differ from other companies is that at Coccolarvi we concentrate design, care, management, manufacturing, all in one. And also with a level of very high self-demand.