Our workshop is fully equipped with the best machines on the market, from numerical control to a thermoforming oven for the solid surface, etc…

In addition, we have a great team of professionals dedicated to working with excellence, craftsmen of wood, metal, upholstery, etc…, to achieve the best original and exclusive designs.

The work dynamic is very variable, because each project is unique and no two projects are the same, but we could summarize as follows: after the design process, the rooms in which we are going to work are exhaustively measured, (since they are custom-made works) and after that we take constructive details to determine definitively how the execution of the work is going to be.

After that, we carry out all the manufacturing drawings.
These plans are passed on to the “Workshop Manager”, and then we get down to work.

I am always present in all these processes, from manufacture until the assembly, to guarantee the perfect
assembly before finishing.