Pink paradise suite by coccolarvi

Pink Paradise is based on a challenge to the impossible, where the 4 elements of nature play a very important role. Pink is a symbol of the innocence and magic of this space. Fire plays with the water element represented in a waterfall, and this in turn is continuously confronted with an infinite flame of fire. Air is present as a dreamlike element with aromatic connotations and colour (pink), where it helps the visual game of the impossible, the bed, the main element, which floats. The earth is represented on the ceiling in the form of stones, as if life had taken a 180º turn and everything was upside down. All this makes up the Pink Paradise Suite for all the senses, to see, to smell, to touch without touching, to feel and to enjoy.

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Coccolarvi, interior design with own production

Thanks to Anita Style Official

Coccolarvi creates interior designs that unify aesthetics and functionality in a unique concept intended to reflect its own exclusivity in style.

Exclusive design project created for Marbella Design Fair 2021