In terms of design, we wanted to capture a sunrise/sunset to be connected with the functionality of a bedroom. When dawn begins the activity of a new day and when the sun goes down, usually rest and tranquility arrive. A bedroom usually has symmetry, but in this case we wanted to play with asymmetrical elements, overlays and “impossible not impossible” elements such as the flown bed. In short, it is a “visually simple” bedroom but very elegant and timeless.

There is clearly a leading element in this room: the headboard that symbolizes “the rays of sunshine”, has concave low reliefs that are interspersed with special LED lights to measure and with many LED points per meter to achieve good light diffusion. In addition to the difficulty of computer design, it is constructively very complex to bring it to reality, there is a process of getting construction details, very complicated, many hours of processing in the numerical control, a difficult lacquering due to the arrangement of the material in a curve, and above all it must be taken into account that no screw can be seen anywhere and it is adjusted to the wall to the millimeter.

There is also a game of superpositions of different elements, such as the sun in this case, with a special imported mirror that is not easily obtained, in a rose gold color that evokes the tones of a sunrise on the Mediterranean coast; which must have indirect lighting and that could be adjusted in intensity.

Apart from having a colossal appearance thanks to the large diameter curves, the special bedside tables are made of Solid Surface from the KRION brand, White royal lux crystal model. They have a unique opening, as the drawer remains static and what is moved is the body of the table through an electronic system, in addition to having indirect lighting when it connects with the wall to give more emphasis to the fact of being suspended.

The large bed is 180 x 220 centimeters long and is flown, this entails great technical difficulty. This element also has indirect lighting to create that feeling of being suspended in the air. All the pieces are divided into different lights and can also be adjusted in intensity, a detail that is appreciated, as we do not always need the same amount of light, which helps to create different experiences and sensations.

In every bedroom there must be a nice dressing table, this element is the icing on the cake, a little corner where you can “pamper yourself”. The dresser is connected with some rose gold mirror stripes on the left side, which is connected, too, with the supports of the dresser: magnificent legs in the same pink mirror. It is made of Solid Surface just like the coffee tables, but with other types of curves only on the perimeter, to be able to have a traditional opening and to fulfill a correct functionality. The asymmetry also persists in this element, since on one side it has transparent tempered glass legs and on the other two, rose gold mirror.

To complete the design we have also manufactured the pouf with pink tones and very sinuous and enveloping curved shapes that are completed with a base and cover with shiny.

The idea in this design was to be able to comply with the rules of functionality without neglecting aesthetics.

Coccolarvi, your project is our inspirations.

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