Coccolarvi , interior designs with own factory

Coccolarvi creates interior designs which unify aesthetics and functionality in a unique concept with the aim of reflecting its own exclusivity in style.

The idea of ​​starting with Coccolarvi arose from the idea of wanting to set limits and dare to break the rules, to offer design and exclusivity, where each work had to have its own unique and unmistakable personality.

The team is made up of Jose Alonso, an industrial designer, and Belén Crespo, an interior designer.

COCCOLARVI means pampering yourself in Italian language, because we believe that everyone should do it, not only with clothes, trips or meals; but also, with the environment where you live, that refuge we all need, the place to rest, live and feel, in short, your HOME.

Also, we loved the idea of ​​linking it to the Rhinoceros, a symbol of greatness, strength and power. These features are needed to unify design, own factory and exclusivity.

At COCCOLARVI we are dedicated to carrying out integral projects, in which we take care of everything, absolutely all the necessary details for our client to be happy, without worries.

Our differential character is the result and customer satisfaction in each design, quality, above all, in addition with a very personal and close treatment, with maximum commitment in each of our projects. When we have a new job, it is a new illusion, a challenge and we give all we have to get the best results.

Welcome to the home of interior design!

Your project is our inspirations

Belén Crespo, interior designer and Co-Founder of Coccolarvi